Free chapter download: Start your 2012 Barbershop life with an Appreciative Approach

Seasons Greetings to all Barbershoppers!  As a Merry Christmas gift to you I would love you all to download the first chapter from my hit book, Harmony from the Inside Out, in which the fundamental principle that is transforming chorus directors, teams and choruses worldwide is outlined.  The chapter is called “Playing the A Game – Living in Possibility” . 

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Jan Carley, Inner Coach of Barbershop


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

I love this diagram (used with permission from Jessica Hagy’s  brilliant Facebook blog “Indexed”).  It is such a simple illustration of one of the most fundamental points to consider as a performer.  Houston Competitors:  Let’s all take some risks and step outside our comfort zone!!!  See you on stage!

Jan Carley, Inner Coach of Barbershop

Creating Magic on stage

What does creating magic on stage mean to you?

Magician Jamy Ian Swiss said:  “Magic only happens in a spectator’s mind.  You cannot cross over into the world of magic until you put everything else aside and behind you – including your own desires and needs – and focus on bringing an experience to the audience. This is magic. Nothing else.”

Would love to hear your comments – what will you do to create magic on stage?



Jan Carley,

Inner Coach of Barbershop

Motivation vs. Inspiration

“You get the best efforts from others not by lighting a fire underneath them but by building a fire within.”  – Bob Nelson, author and motivational speaker

Directors and Leaders: How do you approach the final weeks before competition?  How do you build and keep the momentum necessary for your group to achieve their peak performance onstage?

“Motivation is an external, temporary high that PUSHES you forward. Inspiration is a sustainable internal glow which PULLS you forward.” – Thomas Leonard

Do you motivate or inspire?  I would love to hear your comments here!

-Jan Carley, Inner Coach of Barbershop  

Author, Harmony from the Inside Out – Creating and Living your Performance Potential

Prepping for competition? Reasons to keep a positive mindset

This is a critical period for those who are preparing to compete at the International competition in Houston, TX  Oct. 17 – 22 . Beside your rehearsal work toward technical mastery, your mental mindset is a huge contributing factor to your performance potential. 

It is critical for all chorus members to begin now to develop and nurture a positive mindset.  How you mentally approach the next 6 weeks and the competition week  will have a dramatic effect on your ability to achieve your peak performance onstage.

A positive mindset can directly affect your performance and the performance of those around you by literally helping to grow your energy field.   Positivity breeds possibility and if you are stuck in a negative mindset, you are stuck in the land of scarcity thereby severely diminishing your capacity to grow,  learn and improve. And, as a pretty cool by-product, you and your chorus will have a lot more fun creating and working in an atmosphere of positivity!  

 I encourage you to incorporate the techniques in my document Ten Strategies for Nurturing a Positive Mental State Pre-Competition over the next several weeks.

Positively yours,

Jan Carley, Inner Coach of Barbershop and author of Harmony from the Inside Out – Creating and Maximizing your Performance Potential   on sale at

Harmony from the Inside Out at Men’s International

Heading to Kansas City? Be sure to pop by Harmony Marketplace and pick up a copy of the book barbershoppers are raving about – Harmony from the Inside Out. Directors and chorus members world-wide are embracing the principles in this popular book.  

Harmony from the Inside Out comprehensively outlines how to add the Inner Coaching piece to your barbershop toolbox not only to leverage successful competition results, but also to shift your chorus culture to one of possibility and positivity.  

Clay Hine (AVP, A Mighty Wind): “The more I see what incredible results Jan’s program produces, the more convinced I am of how important her book is to any ensemble’s success.”

Tom Metzger (REALTIME, Groupanizer) “Jan’s book cuts through the usual superficial acceptable wisdom and gets right to the fundamental causes of success and failure. Stop rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic – read this book.”

Sandy Marron (Master 700 director of the SAI 2010 International Silver Medalists, Lions Gate Chorus): “These inner coaching principles will positively change you and your chorus culture (or any team you might work with) forever”

Lisbet P. Kline (Director, Song of the Valley Chorus) Your book made the difference for my chorus this year for contest. In spite of using the Art of Possibility approach by Ben Zander for years, they for the first time were able to take what they are capable of onto the stage, and we improved 40 points to become the second most improved chorus.”

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Best of luck to all competitors!


Jan Carley, The Inner Coach of Barbershop

Author, Harmony from the Inside Out

Are you “expecting” too much?

I loved an article I read by Michael Neill, Genius Catalyst  called “All About Expectations.”  Michael says that the key to understanding expectations is:

Expectations exceeded bring good feelings; Expectations unrealized bring bad feelings;Expectations met bring nothing but more expectation

It has been my experience that most chorus directors and chorus leaders have “expectations” about what chorus members will do.  They “expect” them to work on their music at home, they “expect” them to show up on time, they “expect” them to pay their monthly membership dues etc…

Expectations are stories we believe about how others should behave. The more expectations we have, the more we set ourselves up for disappointment  because generally, people rebel against expectation.  

Instead of expectations,  experiment with simply setting clear standards and creating clear “agreements” with people around their behaviours based on mutual respect.

Experiment:  Identify an area of your chorus life in which you would like to improve the quality of the result you are producing.   *What expectations do you have of others in this area? *How might these expectations be getting in the way of creating the results you desire? *What is the standard you would like to establish for behaviour in this area? *What structures or systems could be put in place to help assist you in creating that standard? *How could you reach agreement with others to uphold that standard?

Please comment if you have any successes!

Inner Coach of Barbershop