Jan Carley: The “Inner Coach of Barbershop”

It all started with Lions Gate Chorus, a 110 voiced Sweet Adeline International chorus based in Vancouver, BC.    Ranked 12th in the world, they embarked on a holistic plan of musical and personal development before the October 2007 International chorus competition in Calgary.    Working with their Inner Coach, Jan Carley, over a period of several months, they transformed their thinking and began to believe. They hit the stage and set it ablaze and after several standing ovations, emerged as the new 3rd place International Bronze Medalists.

01DirectorJan has since become known as the Inner Coach of Barbershop, working with her signature “harmony from the inside out” techniques worldwide and transforming  directors and leadership teams to create positive personal and group cultures for hundreds of a cappella singers.

200 X 279In the fall of 2009 Jan released her  first book, Harmony from the Inside Out, which takes the sound coaching principles tested on singers in competitive a cappella choruses and created easily applied principles so that anyone can begin to maximize their life potential. Now in its 3rd printing, the book comes with a bonus 50-page Action Guide download.

Overtone EffectJan’s second book, THE OVERTONE EFFECT, uses the phenomenon of overtones as a metaphor  to create an easy, focused system to take your personal or organizational performance from predictable to remarkable.

Visit www.innercoachofbarbershop.com for more details on Jan’s work.

-Jan Carley, The Inner Coach of Barbershop   email: jan@innercoachofbarbershop.com


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